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The beautiful stones tell a story. The depth will capture your heart. 

The vulkane came with the rocks like the wave blu from the west

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It was great to open the quarry in 2003. All 4 materials is in same place. I have exported Blocks of Black Beauty from the beginning.  Now I have for sale stones up to 270x80 cm first Choice, and bigger size second and third choice. For all big project the solution is to buy the raw material. I plan to open a new quarry.

 The production of  kitchen tops, wall tiles, floors is working like you ask me to do the job.  There is hundreds of things that can be worked out with stones.  In factory  there is tables in and outdoor, benchs, worktops, small products.  I would like to show you the geology history.

Laila Landøy

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 Landøy Brimmen Stone is a multy productional unit, that take the material from the mountain and end it up to you as finished product such as kitchen tops.

Black Beauty




Mon Amour


Moonlight Red

Raud breksje

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